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Create and display a Google map on your website

Takes 30 seconds & it's FREE!

Generate your own Google map for your Website, Blog or Facebook page. Just enter your address and copy a small snippett of code to your page. It's that easy.

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Your Map Maker is a free website allowing you create google maps that you can add to a website, web page, facebook page, twitter post and more. Our Map Maker is simple to use and you can add a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds or less. Just type in the address, optionally add a name for your map and then click "Generate Code". You can then use the code to make a link or embed into your website like the map shown on this page. Click the "Preview Map" button to see how your map will look.

Any Bugs, Comments, Suggestions please let us know. Please Follow YourMapMaker on Twitter. We have just joined.